Engage, connect and communicate with your tenants like never before.

Our sOlution

An integrated service model that puts the customer at the centre of the building management universe

We provide the platform, services and onsite experts you need to make your place the place to be.
Manage your building better
Core communications, rental payments, access card and maintenance management, facilities hire, end of trip management and more.
Insights into a thriving ecosystem
Reporting software and access to valuable tenant feedback and data to help guide investment decisions.
A new age of convenience
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, but also snacks, dry cleaning, gifts and drinks. All delivered to your desk for no extra fee.
An activated community
Hyperlocal news content, building activations, a bespoke program of events and ongoing tenant happiness.

“[With Equiem] we can now connect directly with all of our building occupants and this allows us to tailor our offering, better service their needs and direct our resources accordingly. We believe this is the future of property management.”



The Equiem Tenant Portal puts your building at your fingertips

Bring together your existing systems and new tools into one integrated software platform. The Portal transforms the way every single person in a precinct connects and communicates. Daily innovations, weekly iterations and an online marketplace included.

Communicate, engage and manage on a single platform

A connected community

Building management has never been this easy or beautiful. More than just a tenant tool, our Portal offers vastly improved systems to manage segmented communications, reporting and more.

Retail happiness, delivered to your desk

Your morning coffee from your favourite cafe, waiting for you on your desk – it’s a dream come true. Our secure online store offers convenience to occupants and revenue to retailers.

Designed responsive and future ready

Easily accessible on any device from smartphones to desktops and ready to be used on the go, our Portal is hosted online and ready to use anywhere you have an internet connection. 


Designed to improve the performance of an asset

  • The result is tenant retention and attraction – with all these extra end-user services, your tenants experience unprecedented amenity and new, exclusive levels of convenience.
  • You gain access to data to power smarter investment decisions. With our software you can find out the who, when, where and how for occupant behaviour, facilities usage and more.
  • This provides new revenue opportunities for retailers and other suppliers in your precinct, establishing your building in an enviable position.
  • Watch as the community around your building flourishes thanks to a portal that allows residents to communicate, meet up and use the facilities you offer more than ever before.
  • Reduce your administration overhead by replacing manual tasks with automation and clever software. A suite of residential management tasks are now all on the same platform - and so easy to use.
  • Streamline and consolidate communication channels with your tenants and landlords, and save time and money in management and follow-ups.
  • A readymade publication, waiting for your content. We provide the infrastructure around a publishing platform to help you communicate with your precinct.
  • Create exclusivity. By targeting the workers at your retail precinct, you can offer privileges, special offers and other benefits to them and gain valuable feedback.
  • Event management and centre management made easy – maintenance, community events and more at your fingertips.
  • Take rental payments and manage rental subscriptions with our state of the art Stripe-powered subscription payment framework.
  • Customise your portal. If brand is your lifeblood, your portal can fit in with your existing style and be seamlessly integrated with your tenant retention strategy.
  • Be social and be organised – manage event RSVPs and get important information out to the people who need it. Communication is key in a space where people come and go, and our portal is tailored to meet that need.

“I think this new Portal is BRILLIANT! I don’t know who the masterminds are behind developing these portals but I’m so glad that I’m in a building that is trying to generate interest and community involvement.”



Drive engagement and tenant happiness 

Equiem’s Community Managers are in your building and at your service; going above and beyond to delight your tenants every day with a tailored engagement program of events, activations, campaigns and communications.

Community cultivators, catalysts and leaders

An Equiem Community Manager creates meaningful relationships with building occupants across both the office and retail tenant base.

They organise events and activate the community; support and promote local retailers; create content and communicate via the Portal; introduce new services; extract data and valuable tenant feedback and work closely with owners and managers.

An expert activation strategy, customised for your building

Our Onsite framework is tailored for each precinct, with each Community Manager developing a tenant engagement plan and calendar – taking into account key communication and brand messaging, capital works, tenant movements, retailer objectives, time of year and external events.

For each client, the engagement plan aligns with the asset management strategy while simultaneously supporting local retailers and the needs of the tenant community. And that’s why it works.


Expert services and resources to ensure your community thrives

When you sign on with Equiem, you gain access to a team of experts with experience in bringing buildings to life. We’ve got you covered with teams dedicated to support, account management, content, retail management, building manager liaison, and software development.

Retailer strategy
Hyperlocal content creation
Localised retail onboarding and management
Exclusive deals
Customised events calendar
Equiem hardware printer
Marketing materials
Competitions and campaigns


The Equiem point of difference

We’re the only provider focused on tenant engagement

Your needs are our core product, which we’ve been developing for close to four years. With us you’ll be starting ahead of the curve, benefiting from all the lessons we’ve learned and all the knowledge we've gained.

You’re in good company

We work with some of the most esteemed property funds across Australia and our product is in some of the most prestigious buildings in the country. You’re joining a group of privileged building managers with the right idea.

Our strong vision and unwavering dedication to our customers

We put our customers first and we use their feedback to build a solid product that we are truly passionate about.

Existing resources and a very experienced team

With 50+ years combined experience on just the dev team, we are a group of property industry experts who know how to respond to your needs and pre-empt them.

We’re exposing our product’s API

This means that our product will be even more flexible in the future and new ideas will be easier to integrate and accommodate.

We’re keen to build relationships and collaborate

We're excited to work with any other providers you have established relationships with, as we know it will improve our product in the long run.

We’re not a media company

We provide products and services that increase efficiency, connect tenants and precincts and add measurable value to asset owners via tenant engagement and retention.

We’re going global

And as our customer, you’ll be coming with us – so you can roll out our products to other assets in your overseas portfolio.

It’s tried and tested

Technology builds can be more costly and time consuming than expected. You can relax knowing the Equiem platform is already being used by 20,000 people across Australia.

We’re constantly developing our platform

Even when we’ve completed all the features on our roadmap, we’ll continue to develop more and more useful, functional and ingenious features that will bring your building into the future.

Our service level is flexible

Equiem's skills and capabilities are on hand to ensure your project is successful. Our additional services and onsite teams can be dialled up and down to provide expert support as needed.


Rialto: an engaged and vibrant community

Equiem was developed during 2011, for one of Melbourne’s tallest and most prestigious office towers – Rialto. 86,000 SQM of office, 60 office tenants, 18 retailers and a population of 3500, the owners of Rialto had a problem: with the building reaching its 25th birthday, how to stay relevant?

Rialto engaged Equiem to make life more convenient and enjoyable for building occupants; to supercharge retail tenants and foster a better connection between the office workers and retailers; to better understand tenants and their needs; to extract valuable data about building occupants; to drive the retail and service strategy and to improve leasing outcomes.
of Rialto residents use the Portal
pageviews per month and growing
coffees sold in 2014
month on month increase in store revenue

“The Portal has been a tremendous way to increase our brand awareness in some of the biggest corporate buildings in Melbourne. We attract repeat sales online and in store, and the Equiem management of the system is exceptional.”



We are excited to be working with Australia’s
leading property owners and managers


Keep up with our big ideas

Foster community connection and tenant loyalty through our new module - Find and Explore

Introducing Find and Explore, the newest module on the Equiem Portal. It’s a “Facebook for your building” - a beautiful online directory of all individuals in a building or space.

Continuously delivering with our development team

Releasing software can be a difficult and complex process. We've been through various iterations of workflows in our dev team and this year we reviewed again - and made the decision to move to what we see as the ultimate efficiency.

Conquer the kingdom of content with this proven checklist

In 2014 we published over 4000 news posts and 6000 event posts. We also sent out over 680 newsletters. If content is king, going from three Equiem Portals to 20 in less than a year truly ended up in an epic Game of Thrones-like bloody battle.